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Game Bird Show
enter morning of show
 March 29. 2014
$3 per bird 
Bring your own drop cages...
Show starts at 9am
for more information contact Glenda @ 707.382.0284

There has been no shows cancelled because of the following information...This is an isolated incident and is a virus that has been monitored for years.      sms

The affected flock has been quarantined and will not be sending poultry to the Munroe exhibition. We do not know the source of infection for the first flock in WA. This first flock is closed and should have good biosecurity. If you do take birds to the show, please ensure that you place these in separate housing for 30 days after returning from the show and continue to practice good biosecurity.
Sincerely, Lyndon
Subject: Outbreak Alert: very virulent Infectious Bursal Disease virus confirmed in 6 week old pullets, Thurston County
This outbreak alert has been sent to present and former NPIP producers to confirm the diagnosis of very virulent Infectious Bursal Disease virus in Washington State . 
WSDA received laboratory confirmation of vvIBDV (PCR and molecular sequencing), in an outbreak affecting 6 week old chickens in Thurston County. I recommend enhanced biosecurity to reduce the risk of infectious disease transmission. This is the first time vvIBDV has been diagnosed in Washington State. We do not know the source of this outbreak in Washington. In California, Dr. Maurice Pitesky (University of California, Davis, Cooperative Extension poultry specialist) has reported that transmission has been linked to exhibition poultry purchased from Craig's list. Information on vvIBDV can be found at the California CVMA and WSU AHFS lab facebook web sites below.
Sincerely, Lyndon
WSU AHFS lab facebook
Lyndon Badcoe BVSc, MVS, DVSc
Avian Health Veterinarian and Epidemiologist
Washington State Department of Agriculture
1111 Washington St. SE
Olympia WA 98504
Office phone: 360-725-5763
Fax: 360-902-2087
Cell phone: 360-507-6219
E-mail: LBadcoe@agr.wa.gov
WSDA Avian Health Program NPIP: http://agr.wa.gov/FoodAnimal/AvianHealth/AvianNPIP.aspx

We would like to express our appreciation for the generous donation Home Depot has made, letting us use their plywood to cover our tables and delivering it to the show room.

We did it!!! Was great to see everyone, hoping everyone had a good time and a safe trip home. As soon as we catch our breaths I will post more on the show, thank you so much for coming to our show, it was great to see you and we look forward to continued growth! Extreme gratitude to everyone that devoted time and effort to help put on this show, you rock!   sms