NorCal Poultry Association, NCPA 
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President:  Roy Runnings
Vice President:  Aaron Turner
Secretary:  Tracy Goschke
Treasurer:  Susan Smallbrook
Youth Coordinator:  Susan Smallbrook
Board of Directors:
Doris Galewick
Emma Osborn
Glenda Rosella
Leeann Stearns
Holly Wilson

President: Roy Runnings
Vice President: Glenda Rasella
Secretary: Susan Smallbrook
Treasurer: Susan Smallbrook
Board of Directors:
Leeann Stearns
Aaron Turner
Holly Wilson
Tuesday September 13. 2016 
will call to order @ 5:30
Mary's Pizza
Anderson Factory Outlets

Please forward your input or attend the meeting participate where you can...

Thank you for your continued support and 
for being a part of our club.


2017-2018 Officers